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Optional Activities

* No outings for 2021 at the moment until we can get better idea on Covid situation.

$15.00 Friday Night Swim, Pizza, Movie Nights

- are offered throughout the ten weeks of camps for two ages groups (ages 7-8 and ages 9+)

* Swim, Movie & Pizza included $15  Children stay after camp ends and are picked up at 9pm.

$20.00 * Archery / Canoeing 

* Cap St. Jacque Outing

- Children go for the day to Cap St. Jacque for archery & canoeing . In the event of rain there are many other activities planned. It is one of our favorites for the children. They get out in nature and enjoy the different activities and experiences offered

-Children will leave in the morning by bus & come back around 3:30pm.

-Noticed are sent out to the parents prior to outing on what to bring, times, etc.

$40.00 * Super Aqua Outing

-children leave in the morning and go for the day. They must bring their lunches on this day. The children will take a bus to and from Super Aqua. There will be one monitor for ever 5 children. This is an activity we do every year. Our monitors are familiar with the park and what it has to offer for the different age groups. 

$3.00/day Morning Daycare & $3.00/day for After Camp Care

- is offered in the morning from 7 am to 8:50am for working parents. It is offered after camp from 4:40 to 6pm. Sit down activities during daycare are encouraged as the children have long active days. Movies are on during this time period. Children are allowed to bring their electronics during this period bu they must be put away for the entire camp day from 9am to 4;30pm. If we see them out during this period they are not allowed to ever bring back again and we do advise them of this. Other day care activities are coloring, chess, checkers, foozeball.

$20.00 * Funtropolis * $15.00 Bowling Outings

-These activities usually last 4-5 hours at the location. The children are taken on a bus and take their lunches when they depart .  Notices are sent home with details prior to the day.

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