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Who we are

We are the Roxboro Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre offering children and teen camps now for over 15 years. Our purpose is to give a child the best camp experience they can have and bring out the best in each and every one of them. We do this by providing a well balanced program that allows them to be active and participate in many different activities and sports throughout their week. We provide for physical exercises programs that are tailored to their ages along with activities that are calming, instill thinking and challenging. All provided in an environment re-enforcing respect for themselves and others, listening skills and particpation. 

The camp postively re-enforces the skills of listening, respect & participation. AT the end of each day the monitors discuss with the child how they felt their day went with regards to listening, respect & participation. A checkmark system is completed each day with rewards at the end of the week. The monitors note through the day and when necessary sit the group down to go over these topics when needs arise. Morning circle times always outline these skills that they will be working on and remind the children of their limits and boundaries. Of course the monitors are there to guide along the way and re-enforce remembering the skills thoughout the day.  All designed to bring the best out in each and every one of them. 

Our Kung fu, Yoga and Wacky Science programs are organized by certified instructors.  We have known all our monitors for a good 5 years as well as their families. All monitors go through a CPR training program as well as are visited by a Doctor of Medicine.  Role playing is ongoing as there are many situations that arise throughout the camps.

Programming and planning meetings are lead by an Education Teacher to guide and bring out the best in the monitors as well! Most of the monitors have experience with kung fu children classes and already  know what to expect with groups of children & how to keep and maintain the motivation and dynamics of what we are about. 

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